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Hear a hoot?

Find owls without leaving home! Listen to audio from the wild across Australia and see if you can hear any owl calls.

Find Owl Calls

Help us find out how many owls are in Australia and where. At the same time, you’ll be training the ‘owlgarithm’ so artificial intelligence can make future monitoring easier.

Meet the owls

Progress so far


Owl calls found


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Samford Valley (QLD)

2957 owl calls detected

Charles Darwin Reserve (WA)

571 owl calls detected

Boyagin Nature Reserve (WA)

7124 owl calls detected

Little Llangothlin Reserve / Warra National Park (NSW)

2590 owl calls detected

Five Rivers (TAS)

905 owl calls detected


Use the map to choose a location near you or somewhere you’d like to explore.

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In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, this project would like to acknowledge all the Traditional Owners of land on which the acoustic observatory data is collected, and to pay our respects to their Elders, past present and future. We also recognise the key role that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have always played in protecting and conserving the land and sea.