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What can you hear?


Hoot Detective is a citizen science project – that means your work here will contribute to real scientific research. This help guide will explain what you need to do. You can hide the help guide at any time.

Here's what to do:

1. Listen to 10 second clip of sound recorded from locations across Australia

The image below is called a spectrogram and provides a visual representation of the sound clip.

Samford Valley (QLD)

Change Location

What sounds can you hear in this clip? Press play to listen then choose at least one of the options below.

2. Identify the sounds in the clip

Here's the complete list of owls and other noises to listen out for. Note – this list will vary by location.

Click on the speaker button next to each name to hear an example sound.

The owl examples go for a few seconds — starting with adult calls and finishing with juveniles or fledglings — so make sure you listen to the end.


Something else

Select what you think is in the clip – even if you’re not completely sure.

You can select more than one option but you must select at least one.

Don’t worry about being 100 per cent certain as the result will be verified by AI and experts. Just make your best guess.

When you’re happy click Submit and you can do your next audio clip. The more you do the better 😊

Keep track of what you’ve done in the Your Tally section below. And you can keep a record of your work by having a Magic Link sent to your email address

Need more?

The Owls has more examples of owl calls and spectrograms.

The FAQ has answers to common questions.

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